Beyond Measure

Goa: A Place Of Leisure, Pleasure and Beyond Measure

Do you wish to celebrate Christmas in Indian subcontinent? On the bank of Arabian Sea? In the tropical and warm climate consisting of beaches, Vindaloo and the gleaming Sun? Then Goa should definitely be the destination for your winter travel. Goa will be the must destination for Christmas tourism in India. Why so? You may wonder. The main reason is because one third of each Goan identify as a Catholic, almost four century long Portuguese rule have left an imprint of a highly interracial and a festive culture in the citizens of Goa.


The spirit of Christmas begins at the earnest of October 31, when the first preparation of the exclusive ‘Rum Cake’ is given it’s holy beginning during Halloween. The whole of November is followed by festivities and carnival, and by the time it is mid of December you get to see children singing carols, street concerts, illuminated villages and exemplary places to eat and drink. An age old lesser known tradition of local kids making statuette of an old man and later at twelve midnight sitting it up on fire. The tradition is done during the time of the New Year denoting the end of the old year and beginning of a new one.

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Goans are serious about their fun time and they make sure nothing and absolutely nothing is capable enough to lessen the impact. Just like anywhere else, Goan indulges themselves into sinful fooding and intoxications during the Christmas and New year. But a few of delicacies dominate the platter.

  • RoastTurkey

One can treat themselves with a generous helping of delicious turkey often paired with toasted baguette or steamed rice. This is either made in every Catholic home in Goa or placed an order through various websites.

  • PorkVindaloo

The age old recipe that witnessed various amazing intersections over four centuries by going through the ingredients of Portuguese traders and Indian merchant’s spices, and flavours. Pork tenderloins are baked crispy from outside with having an equally juicy flesh from inside. If you are brave enough to try meat of any kind you are surely going to sing your teeth into this.

  • Bebinca

An exclusive dish with the geographical indication tag of the Goan culture. Taste and texture quite near to a panacotta. Bebinca is a layered cake which consists of coconut milk, butter, egg and flour steamed to perfection which tastes like sweet custard jelly.